Increasing Your Sales Power

Do you have a hard time selling yourself and the products you are promoting? The sales field is not for everyone as it can be difficult to have confidence in yourself and the right type of approach for customers. Here are some tips to help you increase your sales power.

Inner Confidence

Everyone has the ability to sell something to someone else.  The difference is that some people don’t have the confidence to do so.  Confidence in selling is one way to increase sales power.  Take time to gather your thoughts together before approaching the customer.  Eliminate fear, doubt, nerves and hesitation.  Remove the pressure to make a sale, the pressure to pay your bills and the pressure to satisfy personal agendas and focus on the current customer.  Get out of your mind and into the conversation.  Give off a natural, positive vibe when you engage in conversation.  Connect to the buyer on a personal level with your heart, inner wisdom and intuition.  Trust yourself and your selling prowess.  It seems low down but brings personal experience to the table.  If the product changed your life use it as a selling tool.  This will ease tension inside and out so you can have a normal conversation.


Having influence is about being committed to value.  This is not something you are born with; it’s developed over time.  Influence must feel real to the customer or the business will get a bad reputation.  Start building influence by answering questions to customer complaints and concerns.  The way it’s handled will determine how people perceive the company as a whole.  If the answer receives positive reviews positive word of mouth and referrals will come to you.  There are three ways to gain influence.

Build a network of contacts:  Engage in social media, go to seminars and conferences and meet with organizations and associations.  Build real relationships face-to-face you can rely on, not acquaintances.  It better to strengthen a few than to have a ton of people you never talk to just for bragging rights.

Help others:  Give something as small as free lunch, giving thoughtful advice, or volunteering and watch the business grow.  The same person you help may help the company in turn.  It won’t happen all the time but the goodwill will come back around.


Sell without actually selling:  Don’t force people to make a decision about something.  Use it as a suggestion for another person’s possible solution.  Figure out what they are after and casually offer your services as a solution.  That approach feels more natural and is a win-win for both parties.

Power phrases

Power phrases help customers visualize how that product feels to them emotionally.  This positive emotion triggers their buying impulse.  Create a power phrase by listing product benefits.  Use those benefits to create action words.  Gather the words together to make one short phrase.  Use high-impact words to energize customers to spend.  Use 3 catchy words or phrases to make sure customers remember your name or product.

Ask for help

If you are stuck, ask for help! Working with the right marketing firm can help you to gain new insights and to help you understand what needs to be done in order to market your products successfully. Consider working a targeted lead generation company if you are hoping to improve your online conversion ratio.

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