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Best Times To Go Shopping

Many people take shopping into serious consideration when booking an ideal holiday. Many cities around the world offer a variety of different products for all kinds of tourists. Finding out where suits you best, and the best time of year to visit isn’t always easy. Here we will talk about the great shopping you can have in Auckland and when the best time is to experience it. On top of that, consider the credit card you use; there are many on offer such as those from American Express which offer cardholders a number of shopping rewards or even travel rewards, such as the Air NZ credit card from Amex NZ.

Auckland, the second city of New Zealand is an amazing place to visit with many wonders. With it being a modern city it is a great place to take in some shopping and buy some amazing gifts, from fashion to souvenirs. It is often considered best to visit between the months of November and April if you want to catch the sun and enjoy the amazing summer they have to offer.

One of the best places to do some shopping in the summer is Albany farmers market. It is a unique place, and quite small, but a very interesting way to start your shopping trip. They offer all kinds of delicious items from vegetables, to amazing chocolates and even interesting natural health products.

With it being good weather, markets are obviously a great choice for shopping and another famous market is the Victoria park market. Built 100 years ago, this heritage sight was turned into a market in the 1980′s. It is walking distance from the main city centre, and offers over 85 unique shops, cafes and restaurants.

If you end up in New Zealand in the winter months, or the weather isn’t great, it is best to stroll down to one of the amazing malls they have to offer. Westfield is one of the most popular, due to it being a worldwide chain, and them hosting all kinds of shops and most high street brands from around the world.

Towards the end of your trip, take a stroll down Takapuna market. This area is very popular with the young, trendy local crowd, and is a great place to wind down with some nice food at a local cafe or restaurant.